Monday, November 16, 2009

Depression's friends: phobia, panic disorder and the others

Do you know who are depression's friends?
Friends are always tend to be together.

Remember what I mentioned in "Why hate panic away"?
There is a fact: panic disorder, phobia like social phobia or other kind of phobia and generated anxiety disorder are depression's best friends.
It means, always you can see them together.

Why you feel so uncomfortable, why you get mad of the fact that you fear of social society or the water, dead animals etc? Why they others feel quite normal about that?
When you feel sad, anxious or other dysfunctions of daily lives about phobia or panic disorder, that means, you have depression accompanied you.
It means, if you just focus on how to treat the single disease is not enough.

You have to judge if your fear of that certain product is bigger, or that bad feeling is bigger.

If you are interested in that book some guy hates, you can read it here:
panic away
In fact, it's not that so bad as that guy said, given you need to treat panic and anxiety

Other friends of depression are:
Post-traumatic stress disorder(PTSD) It occurs when some guy experiences a horrible ordeal or events, like accident, violent assault, natural disaster or military combat. People with such experience will always re-live that event again and again.
It has other symptoms like: not willing to talk about that event, anger outbursts, guilty about oneself.
How intimate of PTSD and depression?
It's reported that 40% people experienced depression at 1-4 months intervals after that experience.

Substance abuse like Alcohol
Yes alcohol is kind of the substance that smooth your heart and make you relax. But the side effect is, if you got abused with alcohol, you will more and more tend to have mood disorder which is kind of depression.

Other medical diseases
Cancer, heart disease, HIV, stroke, diabetes, Parkinson's diseases.
When accompanied by depression, it would make more difficulty for doctors to treat your disease.
A fact is, if people are more optimistic, some disease like cancer also has the chance to be cured by itself.


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