Saturday, September 12, 2009

Why This Guy Hates Panic Away?

A guy, famous, billionaires when is only at his 20th, admin of a very famous forum and other websites, 29 now, suffers from serious panic.

So he bought "panic away" and tried it and then he wrote in the forum: panic away sucks.

Panic away really sucks?
Panic away is about how to break the loop of a vicious cycle that changes your normal state to panic and depression. (I will tell you the difference between panic and depression in the future posts) As I previously, the depression is just the signal sent by your brain for you to change something and I left a question there.
The answer is: when your brain continue sending the signals and you still didn't do the actions, your brain would once again sending became a vicious loop that in the end will change the chemicals in your brain which is the direct reason why your behave unhealthy.
Back the panic away, pay attention to one fact, the refund rate of panic away is just near 1% while the normal ebook refund rate was 10% or more. So you can see its effect among users.
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Why that guy hates panic away?
There are three reasons for it:
1. He cant control his actions so when you teach him to break the circle which needs his brain to send different signal to his other parts. It fails.
2. His brain's chemicals have been change quite heavily that needs drugs to change that.
3. He didn't have too much patience for that.
Some guy, especially with Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD for short) may have more chance that cant take advantage of the methods taught in panic away.
Again, panic away is good for many people, but it's not the panacea.

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