Monday, November 23, 2009

How to build your recovery? The importance of the enviroment for recovery

As in the post, social anxiety disorder, Amy was lucky. But the social service system of our society is not always work in the way to promote getting better from depression and other mental illness. That's the truth no matter that the noble goals voiced by people stresses how important to be nice to the illed ones.
In Kevin Turnquist's report, the environment to promote recovery is so important that nearly no one can fully recover if they didn't find an environment that meets sort of requirements.
1. Home, a stable place for one to recover. It must be safe enough so would smooth their feelings. But our current system seems impossible to reach this goal.
2. Find someone to communicate, only when you connect with the outside world, you have a feeling of returning to the community, friendships, hobbies, work, maybe also your pets. You must find something. Read this post if you have problem communicating with the others: social anxiety disorder.
Another point to add:
Help yourself when the others can't help you. There are quite a lot of depression treatments. Just like cold, if you have cold, no doctor, try to treat that yourself, then you will feel better.


  1. Hey u have a talent of writing, thx for ur infomation, just wrote u a letter, I suffered social anxiety disorder for several years, plz give me sum suggestions

  2. Sad to hear that.
    I saw your letter and will respond soon. Hope my suggestions can be helpful.