Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The world is a reflection of yourself

(time to introspection of myself, : ) )

You will feel the same way of the outside world as you feel about yourself.

Today I happened to read one article written by Hohn Dery, MD, the outer world is a projection of our own mind.
Our specific moods are reflections of the early life. If you experience neglect, abuse, emotional deprivation, you will have more chance to be low and sad. So what you experience now, is a mirror of your past.
In fact, your mood is also a mirror of what happened in the last few days or months, if you suddenly feel depressed, then there much be something happending not quite long ago that depresses you.

The way to change your mind to feel better:

(In fact it's quite like the way of "panic away" and that book I mentioned depression book)
1. Introspection of your mind, you can write dairies, you know what you are feeling like, more important is why you feel that way. (It's no use writing how you feel bad all your dairies)
2. Once you notice your negative thought, it's time to STOP it. Replace that with a positive one because everything has its advantages.
3. Connect to the outside world, feel compassion and love. But do not always connect with people who are too sad about theirselves and feel no hope about future BEFORE YOU FEEL BETTER.
4. A special way is to visualize yourself in a crown chakra, the crown glowing bright and shining like gold. Because it's said to have the highest frequency of emotional vibration.


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