Thursday, September 10, 2009

Bananas or anti-depressants? Quickest way to be depression-free

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Some foods have anti-depression effect.
Like bananas, milk... which I will talk about in the following posts.
What do you want to know most about depression?
I bet its: What's the most quickest way I can get out of this depressive state?

Just like banana and anti-depressant drugs, though you didn't ever find any monkeys who like bananas much, got depression. It not means that you will get out of depression state quickly by just eating bananas.

Leave you think about why bananas had such an effect.

Back to our topic. Anti-depressants have the quickest effect for cure, then the question is: do you like it? Will you take it immediately when you are in depression?
Most people don't like anti-depressants because they believe anti-depressants had side-effects.
Sure it has because it will directly influence the secretion of the neuron transmitters.

But there are several ways to prevent this happening:

1. I do not recommend you to take anti-depressant for quite a long term, because when your body got familiar with the anti-depressant drugs, your body would get so lazy that it would decrease the secretion of the neuron transmitters and you will get addicted to it. But short term taken would OK and will better your symptoms quickly.

2. Combine with the other ways like doing sports, yoga, reading books to get out of depression and you will find more effective ways for your depression.

3. Anti-depressant -ReloraMAX
Developed from Magnolia officinalis, reloramax is quite different from the other traditional anti-depressant drugs because its indirect effect is depression-free and its direct effect for neurons is to nurture neurons. So it would not harm your brain at all and would just keep your brain rest for a while to feel calm and relax.
You are lucky, they offer free trials now, and you can get 2 free bottles of ReloraMax now.
I would recommend you to have a try.



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