Sunday, November 22, 2009

Social anxiety disorder: individuals unworthy?

Cognitive-behavioral therapies(CBTs) is the most well researched psychosocial treatments for social anxiety disorders. Today I want to say something about social anxiety disorder because depression is often accompanied by social anxiety disorder and social anxiety disorder always leads to depression.

But first answer a question: what is the social anxiety disorder? Or what's your problem with the social communication?

When talking about depression, doctors would give you suggestions that you should talk more to your friends and be more active in the social communities. But for many people, it's a bottleneck because you believe:

1. The others always laugh at you, they are bad and unworthy.
2. You don't know what to speak with the others
3. You feel anxious and nervous with the others

These are some of the symptoms of social anxiety disorders.
I don't want to talk too much about the theories, but only one little true story Amy told me some months ago.

Amy worked in a small company, she suffered social anxiety disorder 2 years ago, though nearly recovered, still suffered from time to time and I was trying to help her. One day she met some problems with her work and didn't get a good result. It was not her fault but she still felt a little sad and told her best friend who also in that office. One day later, she happened to hear that friend telling another one about this. At that time, she felt so depressed and sad that she just didn't want to talk to her friend any more.

When she asked me what to do, I told her to face it and talked to her friends instead.

Are you kidding? She is so unworthy!

Yes seriously I think you should talk to her. And that is the most effective way to reduce your depression and anxiety.

Surprisingly, that colleague to whom Amy's friend told went to visit her first, asked her about this, Amy barely smiled and a little self-mockery. That guy laughed, yeah it's interesting, but you are lucky because our boss nearly killed me with my current task. He then gave her some suggestions and told her to be optimistic.

Amy was moved and she suddenly knew the reason why she had social anxiety disorder.
People around you are always not as bad as you think, most of them are friendly especially when you are friendly. The reason why you have a misunderstanding to them is because lack of communication.
But social anxiety disorder varies according to people's different personality, different situations, I will talk about the other treatments of CBT later.


  1. about diet, insomnia, could u write more about how to cope with tha? bad social anxiety disorder, just cant speak in front of peoples

  2. lovely pics, forever friends, just dont know who to trust

  3. Thanks for your comments.
    Yes, diet and nutrition has huge relations with depression, I will write more about it in my future posts. About insomnia I have another blog about that but I will also write some important posts here.