Saturday, September 26, 2009

Get Free Health Bonus!

As I mentioned in forum:

Currently I'm working on a study of those online health stores(report needed for pure scientific study).
Need more data about those big health online stores like MyNutritionStore com, mothernature com...any online health store would be ok
Anyone who answered the questions here for me or pm me, will get a free bonus. (I will put the bonus on my blog later, u can check my signature for that. I got a lot of really nice ebooks on many disease cure, just drop me an email

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There are only three questions:
1. which online health store you like to visit most?
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3. how's the effect?

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The the most exciting part: about those free health bonuses:
Note: (some of ebooks are what I bought online for like $37 to 77$ for each. So promise to me:
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1. How to get into a hypnotic state. Which is a detailed ebook quite helpful if you suffer from sleeplessness.
2. How to get self-confidence. It's not that crappy ebook talking that: You should do that you should do that but it's really a scientific ebook and well organized and I'm sure will be helpful for you.
3. How to become more attractive and pretty?
A lot of tips for skin care, acne, weight loss etc.
It's in fact a little trick. When you feel depressed, you will hate yourself and the others, then you will feel more depressed. But the time when you try to change yourself, try to love yourself. You will change your appearance as well as your depression.
4. Kidney care, like how to prevent and treatment of kidney stones.
Eveything abot kidney care.
5. Why you are overweight but can't stop eating.
It's not just a habbit problem, this whole ebook will tell you the reason and what you should do for weight loss.
6. Why you always find yourself underhealthy?
Sleeplessness, fatigue, eyes, any other parts of your body.
Why you always find yourself in an underhealthy state? This ebook will explain it and tell you what you should do.
7. How to get younger.
The reason why you get older and how you can get younger.
Other: SZPTE making money package
visit here: money free make easy money online Some people had depession because of lacking of money or they set up a high goal for their life but still didnt get that. If you want to make some extra money, it's a nice choice, because you only need to take 5 minutes to fill in a small offer and you can get that whole package.
A little advice for it: If you want to make money, do not set up a goal, just try your best.

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Friday, September 25, 2009

Top 7 trustful online shops for ordering health products

When you have depression, sleep disorders or when you worried about swine flu and want to prevent it. You will start surfing the web and buy directly online.
Some health products are really expensive(which I don't want to mention) but it has sooooooo many functions. It seems if I eat one pill each day, I will become healthy for all of my life
Huh? You ever had this experience.
Note: It would be dangerous if you have such habbit to order here and there.
Because it's your health and you just need to choose the health products that are of good quality.
Now I would like to talk about top 7 shops that are quite safe for you to choose products. (Those top 7 shops are not in order)


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All natural health products.


Some hot products in like

(1) Sleep aid:

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(2) weight science

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(3)immune stress support (quite effective for swine flu treatment!)

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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Learn which celestial animal you are! Something you dont know about yourself!

Which celestrial animal you are?
It's interesting when you find that you are similar with your celestrial animal.
Why I said this because I know you want to learn more about yourself right?
You want to know what's your true self is. You want to learn more about what's your true mind really wants.
Now I will start with celestrial animal because it's quite easy for you to find your true self through this easy way.
1. Rat
1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996...
Rat is associated with the ancient element of water.
If you have friends of dragon and money, you will find you are most compatible with them.
Rat is always sociable, opportunist, devoted to family, sometimes petty.
2. Ox
1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997
Ox is always associated with earth and compatible with snake and rooster.
Not that you will not compatible with the others, but there's an inner intimacy between you and snake and rooster.
3. Tiger
1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998
Tiger is associated with wood and compatible with horse and dog.
Tiger is always distracted and impulsive, naturally enthusiastic, takes failure hard.

continue in the future post...

maybe you are interested in this FREE NATURAL SLEEP AID:


read more about feng shui tips and depression here:
feng shui tips

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Feng shui and depression! Be aware of feng shui!

More and more people talked about feng shui these days. But some are quite funny. One guy mentioned feng shuin in, what's he really want is just to sell his products. But I think that product should go into make-up category.
Fengshui is in fact an ancient Chinese words, it's actually combined by feng and shui, meaning (wind and water)these are two important elements of the 5 elements. Also it stands for the environments around you that influence your health, your wealth...everything about you. Because you are in fact a part of nature, so everything is just intimately connected.
In fact, a lot people with depression are caused by feng shui. Some of what might make you depressed are:
1. Lack of sufficient light
The sun can give us a good mood. If the house lack sunlight for many years, it would have a negative impact on people's emotions.
2. Heavy decoration up in your house
Do you have the decoration of deep, heavy stuffs up on your head in your house? You will feel a sense of heavy gradually even you didn't notice that.
3. Small parlor
If your house has small parlor, then people would not easily get together in the parlor and talk a lot, thus people tend to be depressed more often.
4. Lack of one elements, because the nature and your body are composed by the same basic elements, if your house lack one element, that would influence you and give you negative effect. But this have to be taken seperately and should be analyzed by each house. You can also do something to add that element.
If your home's feng shui is just like the above. You must pay a lot of attention. The best feng shui product is the blessing calligraphic writing and post on your door.
I know a master who is the 75th offspring of Confucius. If you need the blessing writing. You can drop me an email first my email, and I will contact him.
The blessing calligraphic writing was not free because it's precious and people always don't treasure things are that taken too easily.
But I will not charge much, in fact it was sold more than $200 in many places because it's effective and too many people are trying to buy it.
Here I would only sell at $97, no shipping charge, it will reach you in about 2 weeks depending where you live.
I'll say more about feng shui tips in the future. Remember to visit this blog.
If you want to learn more about feng shui, here is a good ebook about feng shui tips for you.
You can learn 26 feng shui tips to increase your wealth, harmony and romance. Maybe you not quite believe in feng shui, but if you know how hot feng shui is and how many billionaires use feng shui tip to their business, you will know how powerful feng shui theory is.
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Sunday, September 13, 2009

It's not the others don't love you, just because you don't allow him/her to love you!

A big reason for depression is because they can't find the other part.
I know a lot of guys and girls.
I have a lot of information of the local girls and boys that hurried to find the other part.
Some of them are over 25, still have no girl friend or boy friend, or just broken up with the other part.
The common character for them is: They just pay attention to themselves rather than the other part:
"Hello grace, I want to find a girl friend, you know any one?"
"I know a lot, I will try my best to help you, but could you please tell me something about you?"
"yea, I am a nervous person, still at college, sometimes low..."
"Anything you think as your best character? Anything"
"Maybe it's my honesty, I never lie"
That's a guy who was handsome, but not his appearance, actually he wears bad but he never notice it.
The core reason why you can't get a girl friend or boy friend is: You didn't care about them, have you ever thought of their feelings about you? Why they should like you? Could they get the comfortable feeling with you? Could they feel happy when he/she with you?
Think about it.

But there's other reasons of broken up. I will talk more in the future posts.

Search a lot on Internet and learn from the others. If you change yourself a little, everything will be changed. If you are too lazy to search the internet, there's a FREE mini course of how to attract your boyfriend or girlfriend, this is also a nice guide for you to find your girlfriend or boyfriend.


Brief description of what you'll discover in my Free 6 Part Attraction Mini Course...

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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Why This Guy Hates Panic Away?

A guy, famous, billionaires when is only at his 20th, admin of a very famous forum and other websites, 29 now, suffers from serious panic.

So he bought "panic away" and tried it and then he wrote in the forum: panic away sucks.

Panic away really sucks?
Panic away is about how to break the loop of a vicious cycle that changes your normal state to panic and depression. (I will tell you the difference between panic and depression in the future posts) As I previously, the depression is just the signal sent by your brain for you to change something and I left a question there.
The answer is: when your brain continue sending the signals and you still didn't do the actions, your brain would once again sending became a vicious loop that in the end will change the chemicals in your brain which is the direct reason why your behave unhealthy.
Back the panic away, pay attention to one fact, the refund rate of panic away is just near 1% while the normal ebook refund rate was 10% or more. So you can see its effect among users.
for further info, check here: panic away
Why that guy hates panic away?
There are three reasons for it:
1. He cant control his actions so when you teach him to break the circle which needs his brain to send different signal to his other parts. It fails.
2. His brain's chemicals have been change quite heavily that needs drugs to change that.
3. He didn't have too much patience for that.
Some guy, especially with Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD for short) may have more chance that cant take advantage of the methods taught in panic away.
Again, panic away is good for many people, but it's not the panacea.

Learn more aboutth quickest way to be depression free

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Bananas or anti-depressants? Quickest way to be depression-free

Dibert's comics
Some foods have anti-depression effect.
Like bananas, milk... which I will talk about in the following posts.
What do you want to know most about depression?
I bet its: What's the most quickest way I can get out of this depressive state?

Just like banana and anti-depressant drugs, though you didn't ever find any monkeys who like bananas much, got depression. It not means that you will get out of depression state quickly by just eating bananas.

Leave you think about why bananas had such an effect.

Back to our topic. Anti-depressants have the quickest effect for cure, then the question is: do you like it? Will you take it immediately when you are in depression?
Most people don't like anti-depressants because they believe anti-depressants had side-effects.
Sure it has because it will directly influence the secretion of the neuron transmitters.

But there are several ways to prevent this happening:

1. I do not recommend you to take anti-depressant for quite a long term, because when your body got familiar with the anti-depressant drugs, your body would get so lazy that it would decrease the secretion of the neuron transmitters and you will get addicted to it. But short term taken would OK and will better your symptoms quickly.

2. Combine with the other ways like doing sports, yoga, reading books to get out of depression and you will find more effective ways for your depression.

3. Anti-depressant -ReloraMAX
Developed from Magnolia officinalis, reloramax is quite different from the other traditional anti-depressant drugs because its indirect effect is depression-free and its direct effect for neurons is to nurture neurons. So it would not harm your brain at all and would just keep your brain rest for a while to feel calm and relax.
You are lucky, they offer free trials now, and you can get 2 free bottles of ReloraMax now.
I would recommend you to have a try.


Do you know one place in the world people never get depressed!!

There is one place in the world people never get depressed. That's a small tribe in New Guinea.
Why? You want to know the secret why they never get depressed?

Because they are always naked.
Now you know what you know do next right?

Yes I am joking. lol
But that tribe does exist and has already been researched by Stephen, the associate professor of psychology who might also have a hobby to watch naked blacks. Why they seldom have depression because they always work together and help each other.

Have you heard the others saying: I get depressed for no reason?
In fact, the reason he said he got depressed for no reason because that reason is what he could not find so he thought it must be of no reason but the reason is in fact lie in that "no reason".
Now you understand...and have headache... : p

Simply, you will not get depressed when you work well with the other friends or in a firm relationship with your boy or girl or dog.
Because in such a group you can always find a way to change that pre-depressive feelings and you can discuss with the others what to do next or the others will tell you what to do next.

Let's take an example, imagine you are in that "depression-free tribe" suddenly you feel a little uncomfortable with your lower body, your group would get together and after 4 hours, made a final decision for you, that is, according to the current situation, it seems you need to go to toilet, ASAP.
Then you can go to toilet now...
That's with your friends or leaders.
Another important aspect is to have a firm relationship with your girlfriend or boyfriends.
But I don't want to talk more here. If you want to learn more, you can check this popular ebook about how to get your ex girlfriend back without his current boy friend. : )
How to get your ex girlfriend back without taking back his current boyfriend

Save marriage today if you face a divorce

Remember: stay with your friends that have similar hobby(like watching x movies) with you and talk about your worries and depressive situation. For your girlfriend or boyfriend, you can always find a way out.

There are two results:

1. You get your ex girlfriend or boyfriend back.
2. You get a lot of other girls or boys. : )

Depression roots: What could be useful about depression?

Can you believe it? Depression has its good part, it's just the normal situation to adapt to the environment.
According to Science research, human beings revolutionized from simple animals to so complex specie, we can even think and have self-recognition.(Yea maybe God made human beings, let's just suppose evolution)
Each tiny character that risks our survival would cause our ancestors die. What left now, you and me, are highly complex animals and can adapt to the outside world perfectly.
Think about it, among our brains, only the most perfect brain will survive.
But why you still suffer from depression? Why our brain just suppress that feeling and left us happy and relaxed?
Now is the key part, the root of depression came.
Let's imagine the opposite first. Something that gets you low happens, you lost your job, you lost your girl friend or girl friends(:)).
No depression. You felt more happy than ever and relaxed than ever. You stayed in your house and watched TV and searched job offers in newspaper and listened to music and ate food and registered in other dating websites...
One year later, you finally found a job and you thought life was so wonderful.
The reality version:
In reality, you lost your job and your brain gave you a signal: Now start to feel depressed!
So you feel depressed. You have no mood of eating or searching dating websites, you just focused on searching for a new job, after one week, you found a job, but you still felt depressed and now you registered into the dating sites... or you called your ex girlfriends... whatever.
You got my drift right?
When you feel depressed or have any other negative feelings. Do you know the reason now?
Right, that's the signal given from our brain and told us to act now and change this situation so we could come back to our normal life.
In my later posts, I will continue with our journey to look deep into depression.

Leave you guys a question: Why only several people got such a depression syndrome that they could hardly conquer while the others can get out of that depressive mood and return to their normal lives? Here are some excellent and also hot sellers I recommend you to read, these ebooks are not directly concerned with depression, but would help you to learn more deep of depression.