Monday, November 16, 2009

How I cure my depression in one month with only one book?

I got depression in my college.
I didn't know where the future was, dull teacher, tedious study all day long, misunderstandings with my best friend, pressure from exams that I had to take about 8 exams in just half year...
Combined together.
I found myself in a state that I didn't want to do anything, I would rather stay in the dormitory all day long, I didn't want to talk to anyone, I felt tired and sad, I cried a lot, I lost hope to all of my interests...
It's depression sure I know because that's what I learned for quite a long time and I would remember every definition and every medicines for that.
But at that time, I had depression myself.
(It's just like doctors also have illness sometimes, lol)

It lasts for several months when I even believed I would keep that motion for all of my life.
One day, another friend gave me a book, he gave it to me and said, I think you are in depression, read it, it sure will help you.

It's a classical combined book from Dale Carnegie, called: How to stop worrying and start living and How to win friends and influence people. In some other countries, it translates into: people's weaknesses.

At that time, I didn't believe only one book can cure depression. I have read too many ebooks about how to stop worring, how to win friends, how to influence people etc. So many superior books with similar ideas. Anyhow, I randomly opened one page and began to read it.

It took me 2 days reading, and then I did what it recommended me to do then surprisingly I felt better. For the following week, the following months... I read it again and again and at the same time analyzed and about what I have experienced. I recovered. I became normal again.

Why I recommend this book?
Because unlike the others, you can see from this book(or books) that Carnegie knows people's mind very much and also he had too many experience for that.
He didn't focus on why you had depression, but he told you the most effective way of depression cure is to face it, analyze why you have that feeling, what caused it, what's your plan to do next, what's the main obstacle. This way will tackle all of your problems from origin and you will recover from your past.
It also tells you how to treat people from the point of physiology. One key point is to think what the others feel from your point of view. Then you will become more generous to your friends and gain relationships.

Read it if you are interested.
Along with

P.S If I got depression now and needed to treat it, I would not just read only one ebook, but I will combine different depression treatments together because it would be more quicker to control depression and would not easily to recur.


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