Saturday, November 21, 2009

Holiday season depression: how to cope with it?

Holiday season depression is a special kind of depression.

Now you have to prepare for the holidays, thanksgiving, Christmas, Chanukah's, shopping for gifts, ready to cook for your loved ones. Everyone is busy preparing for these festivals. If you feel worried and depressed about these, then you are having holiday season depression.
Do you know the reasons why you feel this way?
Reasons of holiday season depression:
1. financial stress
2. fatigue and tired
3. Alone
5.unrealistic expectations
Do not need to be depressed, here are some tactics for you to overcome this:
1. make a plan of what you should buy and the spending, do not rush around the last minute that would make you stressed. Create an easy-to-manage schedule and a clear list, ask the others around if you have any problems.
2. Get together with your family and the ones you love. It always make people feel sad and helpless when being alone.
3. Pay attention to your physical condition, a key to overcome this is to have a rest before you feel tired. Have a little rest from time to time which will keep you alight. Also you have to eat right and have good sleep at night which I will talk more in the future.
4. Always ready to help the others like being involved in charity work and help the one that has the similar feelings like you.
5. Be realistic and positive especially when you are in the financial problem, having the right attitude will bring clarity and will increase your creativity that would bring potential solutions.
One method is to think creatively to develop a new spending model that would cut back by 50%. Think about it. Like buying a reusable cards and send to your friends.


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