Saturday, September 26, 2009

Get Free Health Bonus!

As I mentioned in forum:

Currently I'm working on a study of those online health stores(report needed for pure scientific study).
Need more data about those big health online stores like MyNutritionStore com, mothernature com...any online health store would be ok
Anyone who answered the questions here for me or pm me, will get a free bonus. (I will put the bonus on my blog later, u can check my signature for that. I got a lot of really nice ebooks on many disease cure, just drop me an email

Free bonus! u can get one of those really nice health ebooks)
But you can ask your friend to get this free bonus after answering my questions!

There are only three questions:
1. which online health store you like to visit most?
2. which kind of products you like to buy most?
3. how's the effect?

No ads please!

The the most exciting part: about those free health bonuses:
Note: (some of ebooks are what I bought online for like $37 to 77$ for each. So promise to me:
do not spread to the others!)

1. How to get into a hypnotic state. Which is a detailed ebook quite helpful if you suffer from sleeplessness.
2. How to get self-confidence. It's not that crappy ebook talking that: You should do that you should do that but it's really a scientific ebook and well organized and I'm sure will be helpful for you.
3. How to become more attractive and pretty?
A lot of tips for skin care, acne, weight loss etc.
It's in fact a little trick. When you feel depressed, you will hate yourself and the others, then you will feel more depressed. But the time when you try to change yourself, try to love yourself. You will change your appearance as well as your depression.
4. Kidney care, like how to prevent and treatment of kidney stones.
Eveything abot kidney care.
5. Why you are overweight but can't stop eating.
It's not just a habbit problem, this whole ebook will tell you the reason and what you should do for weight loss.
6. Why you always find yourself underhealthy?
Sleeplessness, fatigue, eyes, any other parts of your body.
Why you always find yourself in an underhealthy state? This ebook will explain it and tell you what you should do.
7. How to get younger.
The reason why you get older and how you can get younger.
Other: SZPTE making money package
visit here: money free make easy money online Some people had depession because of lacking of money or they set up a high goal for their life but still didnt get that. If you want to make some extra money, it's a nice choice, because you only need to take 5 minutes to fill in a small offer and you can get that whole package.
A little advice for it: If you want to make money, do not set up a goal, just try your best.

If you want to share ebooks with all the other people who suffered similar problems like you.
Drop me an email.

(Note: I always receive a lot of emails each day, if I delayed answering your letter, just be patient and wait for some days)


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