Thursday, October 22, 2009

Truth about manic depression

Truth about manic depression:
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I love this girl's blog
Because there're quite a lot of misunderstandings about manic depression.
Most of her article is scientifically right, so it's worth for you to read it, especially if you want to know manic depression
I believe that mental illnesses such as manic depression, unipolar depression and schizophrenia have a biological basis.
I also believe that nature does not always oppose nurture and that in the case of mental illness, both have a part to play.
I believe that the treatment of mental illness should have equal priority to the treatment of other long-standing physical conditions.
I believe that by and large, the mental health services in the UK are underfunded, understaffed and undervalued.
I believe in the importance of crisis centres and continuing care.
I believe that mental illness can’t be cured, but managed. And I don’t think that believing this is defeatist.
I believe that it is never weak to take medications or to go into hospital.
I believe that mental illness are not personality weaknesses and are not our fault.
I believe that untreated, mental illness can be as terminal as a physical illness and that mental illness needs to be approached and treated more effectively.
I believe that the media fuels ignorance and fear surrounding mental illness and that there should be more public education surrounding mental illness.
I believe in ending the spreading of misinformation about mental illness.
I believe that mental illness is ordinary. One in four people find they have depression at some point in their lives. 1% of the UK population have manic depression. A further 1% have schizophrenia.
I believe that there’s nothing wrong with having a mental illness. I also believe that you can deal with it in any way you want to. You can think of it as a gift, and that’s okay, and you can think of it as a force you want to fight, and that is okay too. I believe that it’s no-one’s business how you think of your mental illness. Whether you feel it is a part of you, or something outside you, or even both, is up to you.
I believe that people who have from mental illness should reclaim the negative words attributed to it. Looper is a particular favourite.
I believe that there’s nothing wrong with taking the piss.


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