Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Feng shui and depression! Be aware of feng shui!

More and more people talked about feng shui these days. But some are quite funny. One guy mentioned feng shuin in about.com, what's he really want is just to sell his products. But I think that product should go into make-up category.
Fengshui is in fact an ancient Chinese words, it's actually combined by feng and shui, meaning (wind and water)these are two important elements of the 5 elements. Also it stands for the environments around you that influence your health, your wealth...everything about you. Because you are in fact a part of nature, so everything is just intimately connected.
In fact, a lot people with depression are caused by feng shui. Some of what might make you depressed are:
1. Lack of sufficient light
The sun can give us a good mood. If the house lack sunlight for many years, it would have a negative impact on people's emotions.
2. Heavy decoration up in your house
Do you have the decoration of deep, heavy stuffs up on your head in your house? You will feel a sense of heavy gradually even you didn't notice that.
3. Small parlor
If your house has small parlor, then people would not easily get together in the parlor and talk a lot, thus people tend to be depressed more often.
4. Lack of one elements, because the nature and your body are composed by the same basic elements, if your house lack one element, that would influence you and give you negative effect. But this have to be taken seperately and should be analyzed by each house. You can also do something to add that element.
If your home's feng shui is just like the above. You must pay a lot of attention. The best feng shui product is the blessing calligraphic writing and post on your door.
I know a master who is the 75th offspring of Confucius. If you need the blessing writing. You can drop me an email first my email, and I will contact him.
The blessing calligraphic writing was not free because it's precious and people always don't treasure things are that taken too easily.
But I will not charge much, in fact it was sold more than $200 in many places because it's effective and too many people are trying to buy it.
Here I would only sell at $97, no shipping charge, it will reach you in about 2 weeks depending where you live.
I'll say more about feng shui tips in the future. Remember to visit this blog.
If you want to learn more about feng shui, here is a good ebook about feng shui tips for you.
You can learn 26 feng shui tips to increase your wealth, harmony and romance. Maybe you not quite believe in feng shui, but if you know how hot feng shui is and how many billionaires use feng shui tip to their business, you will know how powerful feng shui theory is.
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