Sunday, September 13, 2009

It's not the others don't love you, just because you don't allow him/her to love you!

A big reason for depression is because they can't find the other part.
I know a lot of guys and girls.
I have a lot of information of the local girls and boys that hurried to find the other part.
Some of them are over 25, still have no girl friend or boy friend, or just broken up with the other part.
The common character for them is: They just pay attention to themselves rather than the other part:
"Hello grace, I want to find a girl friend, you know any one?"
"I know a lot, I will try my best to help you, but could you please tell me something about you?"
"yea, I am a nervous person, still at college, sometimes low..."
"Anything you think as your best character? Anything"
"Maybe it's my honesty, I never lie"
That's a guy who was handsome, but not his appearance, actually he wears bad but he never notice it.
The core reason why you can't get a girl friend or boy friend is: You didn't care about them, have you ever thought of their feelings about you? Why they should like you? Could they get the comfortable feeling with you? Could they feel happy when he/she with you?
Think about it.

But there's other reasons of broken up. I will talk more in the future posts.

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