Thursday, September 10, 2009

Do you know one place in the world people never get depressed!!

There is one place in the world people never get depressed. That's a small tribe in New Guinea.
Why? You want to know the secret why they never get depressed?

Because they are always naked.
Now you know what you know do next right?

Yes I am joking. lol
But that tribe does exist and has already been researched by Stephen, the associate professor of psychology who might also have a hobby to watch naked blacks. Why they seldom have depression because they always work together and help each other.

Have you heard the others saying: I get depressed for no reason?
In fact, the reason he said he got depressed for no reason because that reason is what he could not find so he thought it must be of no reason but the reason is in fact lie in that "no reason".
Now you understand...and have headache... : p

Simply, you will not get depressed when you work well with the other friends or in a firm relationship with your boy or girl or dog.
Because in such a group you can always find a way to change that pre-depressive feelings and you can discuss with the others what to do next or the others will tell you what to do next.

Let's take an example, imagine you are in that "depression-free tribe" suddenly you feel a little uncomfortable with your lower body, your group would get together and after 4 hours, made a final decision for you, that is, according to the current situation, it seems you need to go to toilet, ASAP.
Then you can go to toilet now...
That's with your friends or leaders.
Another important aspect is to have a firm relationship with your girlfriend or boyfriends.
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Remember: stay with your friends that have similar hobby(like watching x movies) with you and talk about your worries and depressive situation. For your girlfriend or boyfriend, you can always find a way out.

There are two results:

1. You get your ex girlfriend or boyfriend back.
2. You get a lot of other girls or boys. : )


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