Friday, October 23, 2009

What is major depression?

Do I have major depression? I heard too many people asking me about major depression because they have insomnia and depression, or just loss of interest.
My answer is: No, you still far away from major depression because it has strict definition.
Here is a simple but widely misunderstood question: what's major depression and what's the major depression's symptom?
I listed 8 syndromes in the upper list. But here are more:
At least 5 of these symptoms must be present for at least 2 weeks;
The symptoms must not be due to another cause;
There must be a change from previous functioning, along with functional impairment and/or distress.
The diagnosis is usually not made unless depression is creating a substantial amount of distress and impairment, such that treatment is a reasonable option.
Primary care physicians should attempt to treat depression unless there is evidence that patients are suicidal or psychotic;
referral to a psychia- trist is appropriate for these individuals.
Gender Differences in Depression and RePsychotropic Medication
Jack M. Gorman, MD Harvard Medical School, McLean Hospital, Belmont, Massachusetts
Why say "major" ? Because it's the most serious depression. While "depression" only means mood disorder, that is the feelings of loss, sadness, anger or frustration interfere with your everyday life.


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