Friday, October 23, 2009

Why you have depression while the others don't?

I will show you the reason why you have depression while the others don't.
But first I would like to introduce a dual process model of cognitive vulnerability to depression to you.
(Ref: Cognitive vulnerability to depression: A dual process model. Here the "depression means unipolar depression")
According to dual process theories, humans possess two modes of information processing. An associative mode involves quick, effortless processing that rests on well-learned associations. A reflective mode involves slow, effortful processing that rests on symbolic rule-based inferences. Whereas the associative mode occurs automatically, the reflective mode operates when expectancies are violated and sufficient cognitive resources are available to respond. A cognitive vulnerability to depression is observed when negatively biased associative processing is uncorrected by reflective processing. The circumstances when this is likely to occur are reviewed.
Put it simply: You have two ways to tackle any problem(also discussed in our last post). One is easy while the other one is hard. When you believe its too hard and feel sad,
There is a trick to break this vicious cycle, also the key point of the upper figure:
Accurately adjust the associative bias: face the difficulties and solve that.
It means: First you have to distinguish between the easy procedure and the hard procedure. Then you have to judge properly about your ability and where you go next.
The trick is: always find your successful part no matter how small it is and always give yourself positive judgement.
Little by little, you will break this vicious cycle and come to your normal state.


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